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10 Best Investment books in 2020 for a successful future

best investment books

No matter how experienced of an investor you are, it always pays to increase your understanding of how to grow your wealth. That’s why reading some of the best investment books can help you start investing.

Learning from those who have already been successful in their investing techniques can help you implement their strategies and methods of thought.

Use this guide to pick your next read and educate yourself before you invest your next dollar. Also, we encourage you to read some of our other pieces on investing. 

The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham


4.5/5 Stars

Difficulty: Intermediate

The Intelligent Investor is Warren Buffet‘s favorite book on investing. In fact, Buffet believes that this is the only book you need to read to become a successful investor, and that it is the best investing book ever written.

The Intelligent Investor stays away from gimmicks and guarantees, and instead focuses on the wisdom that you will need to build a successful investment portfolio.

This book serves as a guide not for day traders and speculators, but rather long term investors. Graham coaches you to use rational decision making for buying and selling stocks, which requires discipline and commitment.

Since first being published in 1949, Graham’s investment guide has sold over one million copies. This is one of the best investment books for people who want to learn about real investing, not trading.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street - Burton Malkiel


4.6/5 Stars

Difficulty: Beginner

A Random Walk Down Wall Street is one of the best investment books for people who are just getting started. This book is known as one of the first books that you should purchase when building a portfolio.

The book is written by Burton G. Malkiel, who is the Chemical Bank Chairman’s Professor of Economics Emeritus at Princeton University. Burton is reassuring and authoritative in this beginner-friendly guide.

Burton also served as a member of the Council of Economic Advisers, was dean of the Yale School of Management, and has served on the boards of several major corporations including Vanguard and Prudential Financial.

One Up on Wall Street - Peter Lynch


4.6/5 Stars

Difficulty: Beginner

One Up on Wall Street is one of the best investment books for average investors. The main purpose of the book is to help average people use what they already know to do well in the stock market.

Since the book was published in 2000, it has sold over one million copies. The book goes over how by going about your daily life being observant, from the mall to the workplace, you can spot potential investing opportunities.

The author, Peter Lynch, is a renowned mutual fund manager. Peter is often referred to as “America’s most successful money manager”. Lynch preaches that if you invest for the long term your portfolio will reward you.

In this book, Lynch gives easy-to-follow advice to help readers sort out long shots and no shots by using a company’s financial statements. Lynch also tells you what numbers you should pay attention to. 

The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need - Andrew Tobias


4.4/5 Stars

Difficulty: Beginner – Intermediate

The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need does a great job of actually living up to its name. The book offers useful advice on topics like savings, planning for retirement, investing and much more.

The book is full of so much helpful information that it would be hard for you not to benefit from reading it. The author Andrew Tobias uses passion and wit to deliver practical advice and useful information.

Since being published, the book has garnered more than one million readers across the United States.

The author has written 12 other books including two best sellers Fire and Ice and The Invisible Bankers. He currently serves as the treasurer for the Democratic National Committee. 

Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups - Jason Calacanis


4.8/5 Stars

Difficulty: Advanced

We rated this book as an advanced difficulty due to the inherent riskiness of angel investing. While it can serve to be wildly profitable, it is very different from your average investing in the stock market. 

It is also worth noting that this read is the highest rated on Amazon throughout this list. The book’s main focus as mentioned is angel investing, which just means investing in startups. 

The book was written by Jason Calacanis, who is one of Silicon Valley’s most successful angel investors. Calacanis is actually someone who came from humble beginnings. 

Calacanis’ dad was a bartender and his mom was a nurse. Despite not being born into riches, he has earned tens of millions of dollars by angel investing.

Calacanis made his fortune by investing in creators, and spotting and helping technology startups. Calacanis takes you into the mind of an angel investor and tells you how they prioritize and make decisions.

The Little Book That Beats the Market - Joel Greenblatt


4.2/5 Stars

Difficulty: Beginner

This is one of the best investment books for beginners to start out with. The book is considered a classic in financial literature, and shows investors a relatively simple way to try and beat the averages. 

The method of beating the market involves systematically applying a formula to find good businesses when they are undervalued. The author also explains the formula using 6th grade math.

The book will take readers through a step-by-step lesson so that they can learn the principles of value investing. The formula seeks to put a system to value investing to make finding undervalued stocks easier.

The author, Joel Greenblatt, is the founder of Gotham Capital. Gotham Capital is an investment partnership that achieved 40% annualized returns for 20 years after its founding.


The Bond Book - Annette Thau


4.6/5 Stars

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

While bonds may seem uninteresting, or even boring, they are extremely important to learn about. 

This book can be helpful for seasoned bond investors as well as people who have never invested in a bond in their life. Bonds can serve as a great way to diversify your holdings, and this book is a great guide to them. 

The author Annette Thau clearly explains strategies to make the best bond investing decisions. The book goes over ways to assess risks and find opportunities in bonds. 

Some of the topics that are discussed include: buying individual bonds or bond funds, open-end funds, closed-end funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), municipal bonds, the changed rating scales, the near demise of bond insurance, Build America Bonds (BABs), the safest bond funds, junk bonds, and buying treasuries without paying commissions. 

How to Invest in Real Estate - Brandon Turner and Joshua Dorkin


4.6/5 Stars

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

How to Invest in Real Estate is the best investment book on this list if you are interested in getting involved in real estate investing. Real estate can act as a great way to diversify your investment portfolio.

Real estate investing can be a powerful vehicle to build up your wealth. This book gives the reader content-rich chapters and stories from top real estate investors to learn from their experiences.

How to Invest in Real Estate gives the reader dozens of different methods to get involved in real estate investing, rather than just giving one secret path to getting wealthy through real estate.

The first author Brandon Turner is an active real estate investor, entrepreneur, and writer. Turner has 100 rental units and dozens of rehabs under his belt, and he continues to invest in real estate.

Joshua Dorkin, the other author, is a serial entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, publisher, and educator. Dorkin is the founder of BiggerPockets, which is an online real estate investing community.

The Only Guide to Alternative Investments - Larry Swedroe


4.1/5 Stars

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

The Only Guide to Alternative Investments covers lots of different types of investments that are outside the realm of normal stocks. Even if you are not planning to buy into these investments, this book is a great way to familiarize yourself with them.

Also, it is worth noting that some of these types of investments are inherently more risky than your average investment. Keep that in mind before making any changes to your investment portfolio. 

The authors do a great job of laying out everything you need to know about various alternative investments. This includes pros and cons, which to consider, which to avoid, and how to get started.

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki


4.7/5 Stars

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a classic investment book. This read stresses the importance of financial literacy in our lives. The argument made is that financial independence is the ultimate goal to avoid the corporate rat race.

The book has become the number one personal finance book of all time, and for good reason. Robert Kiyosaki tells the story of his real father, his poor dad, and the father of his best friend, his rich dad. 

The book explains concepts like having your money work for you instead of working for your money. Kiyosaki also explains to parents how they cannot rely on the school system to teach their kids about money.

This read is a great choice to get some straightforward financial concepts to lead you through your life. By learning these concepts, the way that you think about money will change. 

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