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Ways to Earn Money Online That Actually Work!

Watching the most recent Tik Toks isn’t exactly the most productive way of spending your time. Sure, it can be remarkably boring to sit around all day, not knowing what to do with all of this excess time, but it shouldn’t be an excuse. Fortunately, there are better ways to eliminate your boredom than spending more and more time on TikTok—methods that can actually help you earn money online.

Earn money online—it sounds too brilliant to be true, but it isn’t. Think about it: you’ve been spending your days on useless activities that don’t give you anything in return, and now there’s a possibility to start making money online.

To be completely honest, there can’t be a better moment to start an online business than now. Sure, the stock market isn’t doing well, but other business models such as dropshipping and affiliate marketing are thriving.

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Why Start Now?

Today is one of the best times to start an online business, and it’s not due to the current circumstances. Of course, the situation with COVID-19 and social distancing does play a tremendous role in making money online, but it’s not the reason as to why you should start a business. Ironically, a byproduct of social distancing is the reason to start an online business in 2020; because people have so much more time on their hands, the competition online is gradually rising, which brings up a ton of potential for you!

Competition is a limitation, and it’s a limitation that tends to fuel creativity. Believe it or not, dealing with other people doing the same thing as you is probably the most useful phenomenon you’ll encounter in making money online, since it is what will help you succeed. 

From drop-shipping to getting paid to read, the online world of making money is becoming more flexible by the day. It’s one of the most diverse environments out there, and it’s something worthwhile. Sure, some money-making methods require upfront investments, but others you can do with a zero-dollar budget.

The Stock Market

The stock market isn’t doing well right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into it. Sure, dividends may be a bit unpredictable right now, but there’s no doubt about the fact that you can make huge money. Robert Kiyosaki, the man who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad, believes we’re going right through a global depression.

Does the term “depression” mean that everything’s coming to an end? Yes and no. The markets are falling, but such crashes only open up new possibilities. Currently, the average share has dropped by 14%, making it far cheaper than it might have been before. After the crash ends, the shares will go back up, so if you invest soon, you’ll be able to earn a fortune. However, don’t get too excited, as timing is crucial. Get to know the stock market a bit better and see if it’s the right choice for you.

If you want to dabble with investing, you can sign up for the platform Robinhood for free. Robinhood won’t charge you any fees for investing, so it’s a good platform to start out with. When you sign up using our link, you even get your first stock for free on us!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, a proven-to-work business model, has existed for decades. It’s the idea of becoming a given company’s affiliate and earning a commission every time you make a sale. Unlike other business models, you don’t need any upfront costs to start affiliate marketing. Sure, it might be a good idea to invest in a blog or website, but that isn’t a necessity. If you have a YouTube channel or any other large social media following, you could comfortably secure the bag with this strategy.

A blog is better for affiliate marketing in the long run, though. Having a loyal following that’s used to reading your blog posts can be an advantage, since you’re probably going to present your affiliate links in the form of text. To get a custom affiliate link, go to a company’s website and scroll down to see “affiliate program” or “affiliate partners.”

Understanding the types of affiliate marketing is essential to success. Marketing low-ticket items is a beginner-friendly tactic, but if you want to earn serious money, high-ticket selling is the way to go. On the other hand, if you know what you’re doing, recurring affiliate programs can be one of the most useful assets ever. If you advertise something that people will pay monthly for, you’ll be earning consistent money from each person you attract.

Make a YouTube Channel

YouTube is another stable way of making money online. The more viewers you have, the more watch time you’ll get, and the more money you’ll earn with ads. YouTube takes 45% of the revenue generated from adverts, and you keep 55%—that’s a lot. Let’s say you generate about 50,000 views per day at a CPM (Clicks Per Mille) of $3. At that rate, you’ll be earning $150 a day passively, which means that you’ll get paid to sleep and breathe. Sticking to your passion is essential to success on YouTube, since the goal is content creation and not just making a quick buck.

If $150 per day isn’t enough for you, know that YouTube is flexible, and that you can grow your following and use it to make money outside of the platform. Think back to affiliate marketing—if you make tech review videos, you could put affiliate links to the products you review in your videos and earn money that way.

Dropshipping to Earn Money Online

In my opinion, dropshipping is one of the most efficient money-making business models out there. You don’t have to own any stock or upfront money, which is fabulous. The process is fairly simple:

  1. Find a product.
  2. Make a dropshipping store on Shopify.
  3. Attract viewers and prospects. 
  4. Outsource the product from AliExpress. 
  5. Profit and live your dream life. 

It isn’t as easy as it sounds, though. Sure, all you need to start is a zero-dollar budget, but knowing what to do, even with zero dollars, is crucial. You need to find a winning product—a product that is currently selling well. What I like to do to find a winning product is to scroll through all of the Facebook ads I can find and see what converts the best. Next, I like to make a decent store on Shopify, since spending time on your store is essential to success. Finally, I tend to find micro-influencers on Instagram to make them my affiliates.

Dropshipping is best to start right now, since Shopify recently extended its 14-day free trial to a 90-day free trial. All you need is an email to sign up, so why not try it out now?

Become an Instagram Influencer

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the entire world, so becoming an influencer may be a productive option. If you don’t already know, an Instagram influencer is someone who posts ads for drop shippers or companies for a recurring price. For example, if you have a large enough following, you could price your ads at $100 per day. Let’s say you get three requests a week. The revenue you could generate per week would be around $2100—that’s pretty decent for posting ads. 

You don’t have to be an expert in ads like on Facebook, since your clients will deliver the ads right to you. All you need to do is click a few buttons and earn money.

If you have a smaller Instagram following, it might be a good idea to watch out for any affiliate offers from drop shippers or companies. Some people may be willing to hire you as their affiliate. Let’s say that the commission is 25% per sale, and you make $1000 in total sales in a month. That’s $250 in profit. Of course, it’s not as much money as the more popular influencers get, but it’s still something.

Become a Freelance Writer

Blogging is a hot money-making method right now, and with it comes freelance writing. Most bloggers are currently in the game for the money and brand-building, so they’re not particularly interested in writing the blog posts themselves. Instead of spending most of their time writing, they hire others to do it. One of the most popular freelancing platforms is Fiverr. You only need to be 13 years old to join, and joining is one of the best investments you can make. 

Of course, it’ll take a lot of effort to get noticed on Fiverr, but the key is to stay consistent. Work on orders even if it means staying up for a few more hours. The algorithm will eventually pick you up, and you’ll start to receive more and more orders. 

To be successful as a freelance writer on Fiverr, start your gigs with a too-good-to-be-true price. You’ll attract a lot of attention, and once you get enough views and orders, you can raise the price to earn much more. There are thousands of people who have already made at least $20,000 on Fiverr, so it’s worth checking out.

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Become a Freelance Proofreader

Chances are, you’re probably spending all of this excess time on reading new books and blog posts. Reading is a task that everyone enjoys. It can be as addicting as watching YouTube. Reading is comfortable and relaxing, so making money from it can be an excellent idea. 

As we said before, freelance writing on Fiverr can generate you some decent money. However, typing isn’t for everyone, so reading might seem more appealing. You could become a proofreader on Fiverr and earn money by reading and editing other people’s text. You don’t need to have a degree to become successful—you just need to know how to read and edit, that’s all.

When you sign up for Fiverr using our link, you can get 20% off of your first purchase on the platform (up to $100 max discount). This way you can have a freelancer get something done for you for cheap!

Test Websites to Earn Money Online

If you’re a developer or a person who enjoys finding errors in websites, this money-making strategy might be the one for you. Fiverr is a diverse platform, so becoming a website tester is more than reasonable. All you’ll need is a decent microphone and laptop. It’s a great way to make some quick money if you’re on the go. Most website testers earn around $20-$30 per hour, which is pretty good!

If you price your Fiverr gig at $5 for a week or two, you’ll see the orders rolling in. Once you get some decent reviews, you can up the price of your gig to earn more and more in the long term. The good thing about Fiverr is that it’s like creating a brand out of yourself, which can also be great for resumes.

Earn Money Online by Watching or Editing Videos

Okay, watching videos may not be such a waste of your time, after all. Many websites offer real money for video reviews, and some of them are decent. InboxDollars, for example, can pay about 41 cents per hour, which is impressive for such an easy task. Sure, it may not seem like a lot, but the money stacks up over time.

Of course, there’s also video editing you can do on Fiverr, and it pays a lot better. Some people charge as much as $100 per video for their gigs. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make the decision, so choose what’s right for you.  

Earn Money Online by Listening to Music

If you’re a music lover, this money-making strategy is for you. Believe it or not, some websites are willing to pay you to listen to music. Slicethepie is a remarkable choice, since its payout rates tend to be quite high. You only need to be 13 years old to create an account, and you can earn up to 15 cents per review that you do. The reviews don’t have to be long, either—most will take you about one minute to do.

If you did the math, you probably figured out that the maximum you can get is $9/hour. Slicethepie won’t make you a millionaire, but you can use it to save up for more significant business models.

Using Facebook Ads to Earn Money Online

Facebook ads—those annoying things that keep buzzing around in your Facebook. We’ve all seen them, but not all of us have considered making money with them.

Believe it or not, making money with the ads that make you furious is more than possible. Most businesses rely on marketing experts to make the ads for them. Odds are, there’s a local business nearby that would be willing to pay you to create an advert for them. You don’t need to be a Facebook ad expert—learn a bit about marketing here and there, and you’ll be set.

Facebook ad specialists tend to get paid about $1000-$2000 a month per client. If you get four clients per month, that’s a total of $4000-$8000 per month. The ads you make don’t have to be anything fancy. Make sure they’ll sell, and all will be well.

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Sell What You Don’t Need

That junk sitting in the back of your room can make you some decent profit. If you spend some time to sort it all out, you’ll find things you no longer need. Instead of tossing them, sell them on websites such as Decluttr for extra money. Even if you sell each item for $5 or $10, it all adds up. Once you sell everything you don’t need, you’ll see your bank account filling up again. 

The money that you make from selling your unwanted goods can be spent smartly; you could invest in the stock market or save up to make a blog. It’s your money, so take some time to how you will spend it. After all, it’s great when your money works for you, and you earn more passively.

Trying to earn money online can be a tough task, especially in these hard times. You might think that, because so many people are switching to earning online, the competition may be a bad thing, and waiting it out is the best option, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The best thing to do is to start right after you finish reading this blog post–plan what you’ll do and take action. 

There are quite a few ways to earn money online, so choose the method that fits your needs the best. If you’re trying to work with a zero-dollar budget, go with affiliate marketing or dropshipping. If you’re trying to make a massive profit, try the stock market. However, if you’re saving up for a more significant business model, go with Fiverr. Whatever the need may be, there’s always something you can do. Use your talents and trust yourself, and you’ll be surprised at how far you’ll go.

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