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Best free budgeting apps to spend smarter

Is it your goal to take control of you finances in 2020? Look no further. Using a budgeting app can be very helpful to keep track of your spending and saving, and completely simplifies the process of budgeting.

Some of the budgeting apps on the app store charge fees, which seems a little counter intuitive for people who are trying to take control of their spending. 

Luckily, there are a good amount of apps that can provide this service to you free of charge! Let’s go over the top 10 free budgeting apps that are available for your smartphone.


Mint is one of the best free budgeting apps, and it is available for both iOS and Andriod. The app is created by Intuit, which is a trusted company that has experience with creating financial products.

The app breaks down its features into three categories: All-In-One Finances, Budgets Made Simple, and Unlimited Credit Scores. Mint is a really great platform because it shows you all of these things in one place.

Mint is also easy for new users to set up. Their platform is able to connect to almost every US financial institution that is on the internet. The set up can be completed within minutes.

While using the Mint platform, you are kept up to date with your money in real time. As soon as things happen the numbers are updated and crunched for you. 

Mint also offers custom tips and advice to help you to manage your money better. The advice is tailored to your lifestyle and goals, which really makes the feature beneficial. 


PocketGuard serves as a great tool to keep track of everything related to your money all in one place. Once you link your cards, accounts, investments, and loans, you can see the big picture within PocketGuard.

The app updates and categorizes your spending as purchases happen, and helps you find opportunities to save more of your money. This helps you be completely aware of your spending. 

PocketGuard offers a great “in my pocket” feature, which gives you more piece of mind when spending. The feature analyzes your income compared with your recurring expenses to let you know how much you can comfortably spend.

The app also helps you find simple ways to save more of your money. One example of this is a lower my bill feature, which lets you know the potential of lowering the cost of bills. They do charge a commission for this if they are successful.

Within PocketGuard you are able to put your budget on autopilot. Based on your income, bills, and personal goals, Pocketguard will help you be disciplined with your money.



GoodBudget operates using the “envelope system“. Basically what this means is just putting your money into separate envelopes so you do not spend more than you are supposed to on certain things.

If you have money left over in one of your envelopes, then you can save that money. Say for example one of your envelopes was groceries, and you had $200 in the envelope and only spent $180, you would then save the $20 that is leftover. 

Budgeting through GoodBudget allows you to sync between multiple devices, making it great for families and couples to do their finances together.


The Wally app is all about seamless and intuitive money management. Using Wally makes managing your money less complicated than having to use spreadsheets, accounting software, etc.

Wally was created by a smaller team than other apps on this list. That does not mean that the app is worse- in fact, the team at Wally believes that it gives them a better ability to relate to its users.

The app gives you a full 36o view of your finances, making it easy to keep track of everything without devoting too much of your time and energy to budgeting.


BUDGT is know for its simple approach to a budgeting app. It gives users a straightforward interface that will not intimidate newbies.

One of the positives of this app is that it is 100% offline, so it does not send your data anywhere. This is great for users who put an emphasis on their privacy.

You can allocate more money to specific days as well. Say for example you are someone who always goes out on Fridays. You can tell BUDGT to allocate more money to Friday so you are still spending responsibly.

The one drawback of BUDGT is that it is only available on the app store. Sorry Android users!



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